Seat around the tree, Vrbátky, 2019

Acacia sitting in the shade of spruce.

Fitness components, Pojbuky, 2019

Acacia elements designed to strengthen and stretch the body.




Community Center, Ústín (Snoezelen), 2019

Space for exercise and relaxation of people with special needs.



Playground in Kindergarten Mozartova, Olomouc, 2019

Game elements made from acacia, shielding on sandpit, funicular.



Playground in elementary School, Vřesovice, 2019

Playground made of acacia hexagons.


Fitness components, Štětovice, 2019

Acacia elements for improving the fitness of not only children.


Playground at Pub Mill, Olomouc, 2019

Children’s playground with rope obstacles and swings of tough acacia.


Indoor rope center in the Shopping centre Letňany, Prague, 2018

Two-storey rope center with various skills obstacles made of acacia.


Indoor rope center in the Shopping centre Olympia, Pilsen, 2018

Two-storey corner with crawling elements made of KVH prisms.

Playground, Moravská Hůzová, 2018

Children’s playground with rope obstacles made of durable acacia.


Playground in elementary School Monty, Ostrava, 2018

Children’s playground and fitness set of durable acacia wood.



Children’s rope park, Vrbátky, 2018



Bus stops, Dětřichov, 2017

Special larch wood stops ….



Playground, Benátky, 2017


Playground, Palonín, 2017


Cableway, Ondřejník, 2017

Natural game elements in Kindergarten, Mrsklesy, 2016


Amusement park Crocodile, Olomouc, 2016



Educational trail “Beskydské nebe”, Horečky, 2015



Rope park, Ostravice, 2015


Multisensory corner in the Fortress of knowledge, Olomouc, 2015


Playground in kindergarten Smetanova, Prostějov, 2014


Indoor playground in Cafe, Šternberk, 2014



Playground in elementary School, Bedihošť, 2014


Indoor playground in the children’s Home, Dědina Mládeže (Slovakia), 2013


Rope center on the traffic playground, Prostějov, 2012



Indoor playground in the Family  center, Huslenky, 2012


Playground at Pub, Čechy u Přerova, 2012



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